Minister Bathabile Dlamini (SabcNews)

South African Social Security Angency (Sassa) will report to Constitutional Court on Wednesday regarding thenew interim contract withcash Paymaster Services (CPS) which must be signed.

ConCourt has to craft a solution to the social grants payments. Apparently this grants payments has more than 17 million grant beneficiaries looms

The Sassa ministry is not only asked to provide the affidavit but also asked to come up with an imaginative creative way to get the problem solved and while at it, see if the solution that they came up with works.

Minister of Social Development ,Bathabile Dlamini argued that she has reasonably followed the ConCourt’s direction. This came after she failed to submit an affidavit which explains why the Sassa won’t be able to take over the payment of grants on the 1st of April and she was asked to submit that affidavit on Monday but failed.

However, the Court have given them until 4pm to respond to the directive issue granted by the ConCourt. They will also have to explain as to why they missed the deadline.

Opposition parties also took turns and suggested that Dlamini should resign. The feud erupted right after Dlamini finished with her speech in an event packed with ANC Women’s League supporters. “You must go” they chanted. They strongly believe that the Minister has failed to handle the Sassa crisis or matter rather.

Inkatha Freedom Party MP, Liesl Van Der Merwe said that the minister has defied the Concourt, treasury regulations and has also broken the her office oath.

“Is that enough to get her removed from her position,” Liesl argued. Van der Merwe went on to say that, the minister should face the repercussions of misleading the portfolio committee of social development.

It has also emerged that, apparently honorable madam speaker, Baleka Mbete has been coming out in Dlamini’s defense. Rumor had it that the minister did everything in her power to ensure that a new contract is not produced for scrutinity before the Constitutional Court.

“The minister is no longer fit for purpose” says another IFP MP, Mkhuleko Hlengwa. He further added that Sassa actually lied when they said they have everything under control, because in actual fact, they don’t.



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