With the many scandals that the church already has I guess one more is just a topper. The Modise’s family dirty laundry was laid bare in court, the late Bishop Glayton Modise of the International Pentecostal Holiness church’s wives are in a lawsuit case. Mirriam the first wife is suing the second wife Pearl Rain for defamation.

It is alleged that Mirriam and her  son Tshepo launched two separate lawsuits in which they demand a combined R4 Million from Tafu and another church member.Pearl Tafu, had been spreading rumours that they poisoned and killed the Comforter, as Modise was known in the IPHC. Mirriam and Tshepiso said the comments were meant to depict them as murderers and that they were behind Modise’s death.

They are asking the Gauteng High court to help them clear their name and also get compansation for the rumours that were spread. They both stated that their reputations suffered damages in the amount of R1-million each. Tshepo is also suing Lilian Zondo,  the church’s women’s chapter leader for R2 million. He claims that she too spread malicious rumours about his mother and him, saying they poisoned and killed the church leader.

Mirriam has also made public about her disputing Tafu’s marriage to her late husband, labeling her as a “Nyasi”. However Tafu as not taken these lawsuits laying down, she has enlisted the help of Zola Majavu, Mr big shot celebrity lawyer. Tafu denied all allegations in an answering affidavit.

Tafu said that the allegations had been doing the rounds even before the late Bishop’s death. She told that Mirriam was barred from the kitchen by her late Husband after the rumours came to be,  she also stated that he wanted to investigate the matter further.

“Pearl is honoured and widely accepted as the wife of the wife of the late comforter, Glayton Modise, as is Mirriam, ” Majavu said in court papers.


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