Pollsmoor prison gate

The Pollsmoor prison deployed more manpower to investigate the attack of five warders over the weekend.

The Pollsmoor prison management says that the attacks have nothing to do with prison state of security.“Pollsmoor is a highly secure facility. This is not due to negligence.”  said Simpiwe Xako the Correctional Services Department

Simpiwe Xako the Correctional Services Department added to the management that the attacks were not due to a lapse in prison security. EWN reported.

Despite the management denying the attacks occurred due to poor security of the prison. Sonke Gender Justice prison specialist Ariane Nevin says that “Overcrowding, together with understaffing, aggravates that problem.” EWN reported

The ongoing investigations reported that the attacks were related to the gang rituals.

the five warders who were attacked opened an assault case.The attacks occurred on two separate occasions within the facility.


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