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Spaza-Shop media hosted an event in which different speakers, who play different roles in the media industry, discussed the current face of media in South Africa.

Media and Journalism are changing in South Africa with the rise of online publications, social media, and online content. The event sought to discuss the decline of print media and what print publications are doing to stay alive and still be relevant in the Age of Online. We also proposed to discuss the benefits of the Age of Online and how media consumers, with so much content online, can separate real news from fake news.

Some of the questions who were hoping to focus on were; What are the current trends in print media?

How does the current decline in print affect the perception of job availability for journalism students?

We had journalism students who also formed part of our discourse. We had the opportunity to ask them their views on the particular subjects, somewhere more willing to participate than others. It proved to be informative.

One of our speakers who was a print media lecture and was is also from a print media background.She was able to share some of her findings, as much as there are retrenchments in print publications she believes that print still proves to provide more credible content.

That does not mean that online publications are less credible, it is the issue of having to siff out information from credible sites.


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