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The youth of 1976 paved the way for most young people of South Africa today to be able to voice out their challenges, fight for better as well as regain control of their own future.

There is a lot that the youth of today face and it has become a problem for them. The thought of living in South Africa and its current state has proved to be a challenge especially for the youth.

The issue of free, quality education. Education is a priority and should be made into a birthright for everyone. No one can dispute this well regarded fact, especially if they are sound headed. A good education is an advantage in one’s life, it opens up a host of opportunities. I hope people don’t take this the wrong way, we are not debating over good schools or bad schools, and rather we are talking about the of a value-based proper education system, and the discrimination in educational quality, which is categorised by financial status.

The #feesmustfall movement highlighted this particular issue the most during the protests we saw take place throughout the country last year. We saw students from different works of life gathering together to fight for it, like Mbuyiseni Dlozi told IOL during an interview ” it’s people who liberated the liberation movement as opposed to the liberation movement liberating the people. “Their attitude is the attitude you need,” he said. He was making reference to how todays youth should be more like the youth of 1976.

If we are gonna speak on education it would also be great to speak on unemployment and how it affects mostly the youth. According to figures published by Statistics South Africa on 12 June2017, the unemployment rate increased to 27.7 percent in the first quarter of 2017 with youth unemployment at a shocking 38.6 percent, this is the highest unemployment rate recorded since 2003.

It is no wonder that not much has changed. It is stated that, 58% of the people who are unemployed are the youth between the ages of 15 and 24.

It is hard to believe that the struggle for the youth has not gotten any better. Crime has become one of our biggest issues and the recession isn’t gonna help much with that. Until our government improve the future doesn’t look that bright yet and that is a realty we must all face.


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