Working part-time jobs while studying. Photo: Stritch

Many students find themselves having to balance between studying and working part-time jobs, which can often be challenging.

While others are forced by the situation to study and do part time jobs in order to pay for tuition, to get an allowance to be able to afford daily needs, others do it to gain skills, work experience and to have independence.

There are many part-time jobs students can do, from working at retail stores, in restaurants, tutoring, sales and marketing while others can start their own businesses, from selling T-shirts to hosting events.

Despite the challenges of having to balance between completing studies and working, the benefits are greater than the simply receiving a pay cheque such as gaining experience. Working a part-time job you get working experience and it’s easy to understand the work environment, you get to network, and your CV shows you have drive.

” I started working since in grade 9 in retail stores and so far I know how to work with different people, I have a customer care, I’ve learned to  respect authority and when it comes to interviews I’m more confident because I have been to many interviews before, I’m more disciple when it comes to finances and responsible” said a 4th Year Accounting student Emmanual Mothemane.

Often graduates when they get their first job they get too excited and find themselves overspending, which can be problematics. So doing Part-time jobs while studying Teach you about budgeting, You may be less likely to spend your money on unnecessary things, you will prioritise on the important things first, ” Now I’m more careful with spending since I know I worked hard to get the money unlike when I was depending on my parents money, now I focus on buying my school  staff first  such as textbooks and the grocery that I know will last for the whole month, another thing I’m saving up money” said an honours Communications student Phakamile Mbiza

You Develop time management skills and working under pressure, having to balance between studies and work can be quite challenging, In a work place after graduating you may find yourself having to fast-paced which can be pressuring. however, when you’re used to working under pressure balancing studies and work, that experience can help you manage ” I’m now able to multitask, I work for a start up company and I do almost everything from marketing, filling, events planner and running day to day errors ” said a Marketing graduates Lesego Langa

Many young successful entrepreneurs begun their businesses when they were still studying like Allegro Dinkwanyane a 26-year-old who is a CEO and a founder of Orgella Media, she began with a simple blog and she had to balance maintaining the blog and her studies.

According to Dr Pemella Zulu, an Entrepreneur.  Young people who started their own business must take themselves and their enterprise serious also keep the finance record to see growth.

Often within the Universities, they are many programmes that are created to help the young entrepreneurs to make a success of their businesses. One doesn’t have to wait to complete a degree and wait to be hired somewhere which is often difficult nowadays, considering the high unemployment rate.


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