Afro pop musician Vusi Nova has been found after being kidnapped outside his house in Melville on Friday morning.

He was at the Brixton Police Station. He had been stripped of all his clothes.

Nova was kidnapped by hijackers in the early hours of the morning.

He was dropping off artists and when he arrived at the gate, men approached the vehicle.

They hijacked the vehicle, pushing some occupants out of the car but Nova was left inside.

Three other passengers were ejected from the car before armed men sped off with the singer and one other person.

The record label’s Sewela Dikgale says a gun shot was fired before they sped off.

“There were assailants that were trying to hijack his car and they did pull out some people but he was left inside the vehicle,” told EWN

The hijackers sped off in his Range Rover and a metered taxi which was called by the band earlier.

Muthaland spokesperson Delphine Klassen says details around how he was found are still unclear.

“They found him and they took all of his clothes.”

She says police are now also at his house in Melville collecting evidence.

“They are also at his property doing investigations. A meter taxi plus a Range Rover had been hijacked.”



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