Life can really be hard out there without a job. It is most commonly known that most of the people who are jobless today do not have qualifications. Well I’ve got news for you! There are many graduates out there seating home with their qualifications. Jobs are very hard to find with or without qualifications.
Many companies are using the media to advertise job posts through Facebook, Whatsapp and most of the time it’s not legit. Instead of submitting in hand the required documents; one can send them using an Email or Fax.

There are many students out there studying different courses to become anything they want to be. As soon as they finish their degrees, the first thing they want to do is applying for a job which is understandable. As good as it is that companies are advertising posts through the media, it also gave access to the thief’s who rob people. There are thief’s opening or rather deceiving people by advertising jobs over the media or internet. These criminals are very smart and they know how to trick the people by using “the no jobs issue “to their advantage. Many of their job posts require admission fee however this information is not known by applicants until they are called for interviews. According to Mapula Tlankuru who is the graduate student “It is very painful how we students and many other youth to being robbed every day. They trick us by adding a massive salary on the job description to blow the mind of anyone”.

The salary itself will motivate anyone who’s qualified for the job to apply and be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job however it is not worth it. In most cases, a person find themselves applying for an advertised post and they get hired but as time goes on, the person find him/herself doing a dodgy job such human trafficking or drug dealing. “Transporting illegal particles is another part of those dodgy jobs. A person is hired to deliver goods as he’s told and have no knowledge of whatever he/she maybe transporting” said Tlankuru. “I am saying all this because my brother was once a victim of it”.
South Africa, let us help each other to prevent these scams. Our youths is desperate for jobs and that causes problems. Advertisement of a vacant through the media is not all invalid or always a scam but let us be careful of it. TOGETHER WE CAN EXPOSE THESE THIEFS AND MAKE SOUTH AFRICA A BETTER COUNTRY!



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