Starting a business is one of the ways used mostly in the rural areas to put food on the table. It is a good thing for one to start a business that will provide for the family. Times are hard out and there are single mothers trying to raise children on their own but it is impossible to do so without an income. One may decide to open a small shop that will sell a few things but there’s a most common known business which is mostly started by women. The selling of Umqombothi (sorghum beer). This is a type of beer which old men and women tends to drink for their pleasure.

As usual when people drink alcohol there must be some sort of music playing, the kind which will simultaneously flow with it. It is the kind of a business one usually afford to start in rural areas. However the very same business bringing food to the table in that family; also causes a problem to the one next door. Now this is where the problem begins and it has caused fights among neighbours. Well recently, families near those selling Umqombothi are complaining about noise. It is not just any noise but that of the music. “The people are concerned about their children’s future. The music plays all day long till late at night and the loudness makes it hard for their children to concentrate on their books. As far as I know, someone might be in varsity right now being supported by a mother who’s selling Umqomboti and that pays the fees”, said Refilwe Kananje. He added to that and said “If the woman would stop selling the children will starve and definitely drop out from school”.
One may think that the solution will be to stop selling Umqombothi but it is not. There are two options to this matter;
1. The person selling can play music loudly during the day and lower in the evening.
2. The music can be switched off in the night.
Selling Umqombothi put food on the table for certain families, if the shoe fits then wear it. The problem begins only when one fails to have a good relationship with the neighbours. “Only the pot knows how hot the fire is and never judge another man’s decisions without knowing his reasons”.



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