UJ suicide awareness Photo: PsyCaD UJ

Today marks the end of the suicide awareness week at the University of Johannesburg(UJ) that started on the Monday the 4th of September.

UJ suicide awareness
Photo: PsyCaD UJ

The UJ Centre for Psychological Service and Career Development(PsyCaD) says suicide is one of the leading cause of death among the (18-24)year-old of University students.

UJ suicide awareness
Photo: PsyCaD UJ


There’s 1 every hour fatal suicide and there are 20 suicide attempts in South Africa, this is according to the Stats SA. Young people are reported to be at a high risk of suicide because of many reasons, which include:

Academic related problems (including parental expectations around academic performance
and career choices): e.g., poor academic performance, academic failure or academic
• Interpersonal problems: e.g., romantic relationship difficulties; peer group difficulties like
bullying; social isolation and thus a lack of social support
• Family problems: e.g., disrupted family environments; broken family relationships; adverse
parent-child interactions; violent abuse in the home
• Past or present physical or sexual trauma
• Mental health problems: most especially depression or a severe mood disorder (e.g., BiPolar
• High levels of stress and an accompanying sense that one is unable to cope

This is according to UCT suicide report.

UJ suicide awareness
Photo: PsyCaD UJ

To get more information you can visit The South African Depression and Anxiety Group website or if you need help you can contact them at 0800 21 22 23 or 0800 70 80 90 and for the youth and students, the number is 0800 55 44 333


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