Increased late applications by prospective students in our country is a problem, according to the owner of Amogelang Publishing.

The visionary entrepreneur Jacob Ntamu has realised that there is a need to assist these prospective students and their parents by offering them a one-stop shop service. His company Amogelang Publishing offers a 360° service by assisting with academic and bursary applications and online registrations should the particular institution that the prospective student applied to have the online registration facilities.

Due to restraints on the Universities’ facilities, there is a limit to student enrolments in all programmes. Meeting the minimum requirements of a programme may therefore not be sufficient to ensure admission. Therefore we at Amogelang Publishing have realised the need to expose you to various institutions with constant follow up to these institutions and feedback to the prospective student.

Amogelang Publishing believes that even if the parent can have access to facilities to assist their children with applications,it can be cumbersome as they have to always make sure that they are up to date with higher learning institution’s communications. These institutions work with deadlines and if there is a delay, prospective student may find themselves losing an admission if no well-timed response is not received.

Amogelang conducts its business mainly online which makes it easy to conclude transactions with anyone from anywhere as long as required information from client is received in time.


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