Insurance is one of the major components of your financial planning, but many people do not take this as seriously as they should. Many people just don’t insure themselves and this could end up costing a huge amount of money. Unplanned incidents can happen and this can cost more than you can afford and more than you expect.

Having insurance allows a person/company to live a “financially secure existence” –

Insurance provides protection from liability, damages, and financial loss.

The primary reason that you should have insurance is to transfer risk. The insurance model transfers individual financial risk to an insurance company. Insurers work out individual risk profiles and charge premiums accordingly so that, when you need to claim, your risk is covered.

Many insurance companies are known to be expensive, but King Price Insurance challenges this perception.

King Price Insurance

King Price offers insurance that decreases monthly… And so much more!

So modern and yet so royal, King Price Car Insurance is a new entrant in the direct short-term insurance market (meaning you don’t to work through a broker) but unlike other insurance companies, King Price takes your car’s depreciation into account when you pay your car premium, which decreases monthly in line with your car’s value.

With King Price’s Car insurance: “When you insure 2+ cars with us, we discount your car premiums which still decrease monthly! And, you can also insure some of your favourite things for just R1 every month! And yet more… You can also choose the excess that best suits your budget! This works a bit like a seesaw… If you choose a lower excess then your monthly premium will increase, but choosing a higher excess will reduce your monthly premium.”

King Price covers everything you own:

Building insurance

Home contents insurance

Portable possessions insurance

Caravan and trailer insurance

R1 insurance

Credit shortfall insurance.

If you don’t have insurance, get a super cheap quote from King Price now! After all the more you insure, the more you’ll save down the line if you need to claim! Klaar!


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