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Different church, same God…


A church is where people meet each Sunday to fellowship with their brethren. However some other churches render their services on Saturdays. There are different types of churches with different names as well. Any person choose to go to a church which they are most comfortable and believe in. According to Makoma Malatji,  she believes that no one has got the right to judge another based on which church they attend.

She added to that and said “we cannot all attend the same church as our beliefs differ as well”. Nowadays pastors and prophets are pointing fingers at each other, fighting over nothing. “Any servant of God who’s presenting the church has got followers. By followers I mean people who attende the church and they do what their leader does. If the leader hates a certain servant of God,  they also do the  same,” said Malatji.

“A true man of God is not intimidated by another”. 

There may be different churches but there’s only one God.  No one knows if the church which they attend has got its name written in heaven or not.  It is only God who can judge. “If we ourselves are to judge one another, which Kingdom are since God is one, said Malatji. She concluded to that and said “fighting one another while we call ourselves the children of God does not make any sense.  Love conquers all”.


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