Bullying has become a major problem in South African schools, schools and the general public tend to overlook this problem until something drastic happens. The news has been floored with bully related cases as of late.
Recently the media released an article about a grade 2 pupil who brought a loaded firearm to school.


Studies show that people who are abused by their peers are at risk for mental health problems, such as low self-esteem, stress, depression, or anxiety. They may also think about suicide more. Bullies are at risk for problems, too. Bullying is violence, and it often leads to more violent behavior as the bully grows up.
An astounding 58% of South African students have been targeted by bullies. Long-term bullying can lead to depression and feelings of worthless. Some of these effects can last for a long time, even into adulthood. A person who is bullied may become an adult who finds it hard to trust others, has problems making or keeping friends and lacks in confidence.


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