Skills development and education can make a difference. Photo: .Goabroad

There is a huge gap between the rich and the poor in South Africa with almost 14 million people living in extreme poverty. The high unemployment rate is one of the biggest causes in this country.

The high unemployment rate being one of the biggest causes of poverty in this country.

It is important that as South Africans we help one other in improving the conditions of the lives of those who are underprivileged, by simply sharing what you have can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

There are many charity organisations in the country where one can take part in making a difference and changing lives.  People can donate in different ways. A donation is not always in a form of giving money, however, by making time to go assist in a certain organisation such as old age, disability and orphanage homes can make a huge impact.

If you have certain skills and knowledge you can assist others by educating them, also with skills development, this includes tutoring of learners with subjects such as Maths and Science. In terms of skill development by offering entrepreneurial skills on how to run a business. This can eliminate poverty and create job creation.

Offering to pay for education for someone to further their studies is one of the biggest gifts one can give, it can make a huge impact not only to that person however they might also give back by educating the next person.

Some of the organisations where people can make donations include the SOS Children’s Villages South Africa, this organisation helps the abandoned children by building and strengthening families for them to live in and grow with love, security and respect.

while the CHOC-Childhood Cancer Foundation SA helps children who suffer from all varieties of cancer or life-threatening blood disorders by giving them the quality of care.









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