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Taxi strike delayed

Photo credit: IOL

The National Taxi Alliance (NTA) has given the government 21 days to respond to their grievances.

The alliance has threatened to protest again if the Minister of Transport, Joe Maswanganyi does not meet their demands within 21 days.

They also said that a second march will take place if their grievances are not met.

The alliance also threatened to take the matter to the Constitutional Court  if there is still no progress after the second protest.

This is all after the taxi industry was brought to a standstill yesterday while the alliance  marched to minister’s office and the Union Buildings in Pretoria  to the deliver their memorandum of grievance.

Some of the association’s  grievances include provisions of the national Land Transport Act, matters related to operations, an integrated public transport network, compensation for an operator surrendering an operating licenses, taxi recapitalisation programme, and public transport subsidy because the taxi industry provides transport to 68% of the people who use public transport yet receive no government subsidy while other public transport modes receive it.

The taxi alliance is also not pleased with the way the government has handled their demands and called for the axing of Maswanganyi.




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