Photo: The social-Skinny

The rise of technology and the access to the internet use has changed many people’s lives, negative and positive. In this era almost everything is being done on the internet, technology has enabled people to communicate from one continent to another.

This has led to many debates about pros and cons of the internet, however, do people really understand that what happens on the internet stays on the internet? People tend to post private information and share deepest secrets on the internet without realising that out there, there is someone else reading and watching everything that is being posted, be it privately on WhatsApp or publicly on facebook or twitter. People tend to post their current location, who they are with, taking selfies with friends, some have become addicts of social media posting basically everything about their lives.

Often it is taken as a joke that what is being posted on the internet can affect ones’ future. Companies tend to rely on the internet to determine who they hire or fire, this is done to keep the good image and reputation of the company. Some people have got into trouble for simply posting a picture, video, text. Using vulgar languages or posting what is considered socially unacceptable such a nudes, participating in illegal activities like smoking drugs and posting on the internet can result badly.

What most people think is that they can simply press a delete button and everything go away but what they don’t know is that whatever is being posted on the internet remains on the internet. It is important to think before you post anything on the internet because it might the biggest mistake of your life.



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