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Watch out for the Zombie drug

Image credit: North coast courier

The new drug that has been causing chaos has made its way to South Africa, first hitting Durban.

Alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone also known Gravel, Flakka or the Zombie drug which has been widely found in Australia and the United States, has been found on the streets of Durban.

This is after a Nigerian Durban drug dealer was caught selling the product.

Highway Mail reported that a 32-year was found in possession of 10 bags of Flakka and other drugs at a bar n in Pinetown.

This drug that is allegedly said to the most dangerous drug so far, looks like crystals that are slightly bigger than rough salt.

Flakka is said to be made up of a lethal mixture of chemical substances which include cocaine, crystal meth, bath salts.

This highly addictive drug makes people behave like zombies and makes them very dangerous to themselves and those around them. When high, these people are not able to talk and have no idea what is happening around them.

Flakka lasts for several hours before its effects wears off, makes those who take it to have a violent behaviour, rise in body temperature and paranoia.

The youth are advised to not try this drug and to be careful what they drink at night clubs and parties as the Zombie drug can also be spiked into drinks.



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