We all know tertiary is not about just studying, but also is about experiencing new things that will refresh your mind. Here are places first year students can visit for reboot in Braam.

The Bioscop: Braam is making sure that people visiting or leaving there experiences are out of this world. At the heart of Braam, It has positioned an independent cinema in a form of a Bioscope. Its location is aimed at attracting all kinds of people leaving in South Africa or just visiting. With comfy chairs that allow viewers to sit back, relax and enjoy cinema in style, it’s able to accommodate you and other 62 people.

With local and international film distributors, it’s able to show productions that are not always available to many South Africans. And for that, it’s also used for workshops and awards evening and special screening.

Wits Art Museum: The Art Museum was completed in May 2012 and is home to the largest and most significant holdings of African arts in southern Africa. The space ranges from over 9000, items covering areas of historical, classical and contemporary artworks displaying unique breadth, geographical range and local specialisation with most works dating from the 20th and 21st centuries.

It has historical South African art collection paintings by Gladys Mgudlandlu, Walter Battiss, Maggie Laubser and Irma Stern from East Africa. And also pencil drawings by Gerard Sekoto and JH Pierneef. The museum boasts a vast collection of classical African items from Southern, West and Central Africa and a small collection from East Africa.

The Origin Centre: The origins centre at Wits is the new heritage resource in South Africa. Home to Khoi San Rocks this is the place to visit and learn more as a young person. At the Origins Centre visitors can watch the earliest image made by man, found here in South Africa and can learn about the culture that has inspired humans to search for innovation and modernity and Trace their genetic make-up through DNA and find out who they really are.

Neighbourgoods Market Johannesburg: The Neighbourgoods Market embraces all that characterises good food and a fun vibe within a contemporary setting. It was launched in 2011 and has, since then, lured visitors from all over Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng area to visit the many stalls and indulge in the tasty treats on display.  Thanks to local and international support, it is full of dozens of different food stalls, and the cuisine style ranges from country-style homemade dishes to exotic Mexican, Thai and Italian options. Some of the goods that can be found there include fresh paella, craft beers, oysters, champagne, gourmet pies, pâtés, vegetarian options, cold meat, biltong, and loads of decadent sweets and desserts.

The venue itself, situated at 73 Juta Street, is modern and cool.


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