picture: Tshimologong

Johannesburg may not be built near the sea or river, and might be located in the smallest province in South Africa. Yet this city is the drive of Southern Africa’s economy and surely every young entrepreneur in Southern Africa dreams to see his/her business located in Johannesburg.

Picture-The J&B Hive

The J&H Hive is one of the places which every young entrepreneur in South Africa dreams to see his/her business based. The Hive is not an office park but a collaborative space for young people with big ideas to work, socialize and network.

All entrepreneurs based at the Hive work in one space, giving these young creative minds an opportunity to work and networking at the sometime. It’s also used to host events which some are aimed at networking these entrepreneurs with the business world, worldwide.

It also has exciting programs with learning opportunities designed to support their businesses. The Hive is based in Braam in the middle of Universities and colleges giving a chance to students to dream beyond just a job opportunity.


Tshimologong precinct– The University of the Witwatersrand have partnered with government and private entities to create a digital innovation precinct in Braamfontein. Tshimologong is designed as an ecosystem to nurture and grow the next.

picture: Tshimologong

Tshimologong encourages start-up companies to work in one space so that they collaborate in some project that might need more hands. It is also used as a research centre for Wits, government and all partners associated with it.


JoziHub – 44 Stanley- is a technology incubator in Johannesburg dedicated to creating sustainable change in Africa. JoziHub has dedicated it time in helping young tech entrepreneurs and start-ups grow.


Young people can work on an ad hoc basis or book your space for the month. It’s furnished with loads of desk space, private boardrooms and HD presentation equipment.



OPEN – Maboneng Enjoy an office with magnificent city views, Maboneng’s is a shared space and you can take the name quite literal. It’s one of the biggest and most welcoming of the spaces. OPEN provides an exciting, creative environment to work, host meetings, conferences or events.

picture-open maboneng

With a large co-working area, with hot desks and dedicated desks, offices, boardrooms, a café and a lounge, there’s plenty space to get busy. OPEN also has a support team onsite to make the environment work for you. Bonus is that it has the fastest internet available in the CBD and hosts a mixed community of entrepreneurs to mingle with


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