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Marah Louw leaving Telenovela “The Queen”

Photo cred: eNCA

Marah Louw, one of the loved music legends and actress in the South African art industry. She has been in the entertainment industry for many decades now, and she was also a judge on the popular music show Idols. Her most recent gig was, being a part of the Mzansi Magic telenovela, The Queen

According to Sunday Sun, the legendary performer has separated from the Fergusons because they could not reach an agreement on her new contract. The paper also alleges that Mara Louw declined to take their new contract because they treated her like trash, “I declined to take their offer because they treated me like trash.” she said.

Louw even took to twitter, posting her termination letter from the Ferguson Films.

Later Connie Ferguson responded to Marah Louw’s allegations on Trending SA, Ferguson said Louw is going to “have to do better than just say she was being treated like trash” and that she is praying for her.


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