Home General News A racist sentenced to 2 years behind bars

A racist sentenced to 2 years behind bars


Vicki Momberg spent her night in prison yesterday follwing her racist comment. Momberg was sentenced to 2 years behind bars in the Randburg Magistrates Court on Wednesday. This has shown that the use of the k-word and other racial slurs is not meaningless in South Africa.

The estate agent, Vicki Momberg was sentenced on Wednesday to an effective two years in prison, following a racist rant towards police and emergency service workers which was caught on camera in February 2016. She called the constable David Mkhonto the K-word repeatedly when the police officer was trying to assist her after a smash and grab incident in 2016.

The sentence was applauded by many for its strong anti-racism message. Shaun Abrahams said: this is a victory for the rule of law. It sends out a Strong message.



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