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It’s normally scarce to meet an upcoming South Africa music artist that has music which has already reached radio waves in UK. And has already performed along-side Black motion, A-Reece and Pastor Benjamin Dube. Well, for Ms Pinky that’s ticked off the music bucket list already.

I was so excited, when Ms Pinky agreed to sit-down with me and chit-chat about her life as a musician. Nokuthula Moilwa better known by her fans as Pinky Mcpurpley is a 23 year old music artist and photographer from Naturena, South of Johannesburg.
Recently, the 23 year old made it to the final stage of “The Four” a TV show on Fox driven to find the next biggest music artist in Africa. Some of the judges on the show are two of the most respected pioneers of hip-hop, Puff Diddy and Dj Khaled respectively.

What inspired you to start writing music? “I’ve never focused much on music at the beginning. But, I’ve always been involved in theater arts from the age of 11, where we did drama, poetry and traditional dancing. In grade seven (7), me and some of my friends formed a group which we called “Heart Breakers” where we use to rap along songs but never really recorded anything. then in 2015, I decided to give it a go and recorded my first single”.

How did your music end up in UK? “A DJ from UK but based here in South Africa actually hit me up on Facebook and asked me to send him my work. According to the DJ, he has been tracking my profile and was interested on what I was working on, and from there, we got plugged at Stampharam FM in UK. And I must say the respond was great”.

Ms Pinky just knows how to connect herself with right people or she just knows how to be at the right place, at the right time. The 23 year old is working with artist from Nigeria on some new music. ”It was actually from an event I did, not so recently. The club owner is from Nigeria and suggested that he wants to link me up with some people he knew from that side… I’ve already worked with some of them, we recorded like three singles already.

#GigiGoesGold competition

I have to agree with Ms Pinky’s fans, the young lady surely knowns what she’s doing with the mic. In 2016, she was the only female finalist on the competition founded by Mabala Noise and Gigi-lamayne and Recently, she was featured on Shelton Forbes event “The Melody” both of these shows where aimed at discovering new talent.

Picture by Pinky

what different taste does your music bring to the industry? “I don’t think I sound like any of the female artist in SA hip-hop because most of them are doing underground music and my music is more commercial. I want to make people have fan and loosen-up. But, I am every versatile. I can do trap today and want to do dance-hall music tomorrow, it depends on my mood.”

Do you produce your music yourself or you work with a certain producer? “I actually work with different producers at the moment, I have no specific producer that I’m working with”.
Since, you’ve been making music which moment can you pin-point and say I’m proud of that one moment? “Every time when I’m on stage, I feel that’s my proudest moment. I actually prefer being on stage interacting with people, seeing how they react to my music, I love performances more than anything”.

Ms Pinky hopes to grow further and break any limits on the way and not only grow as an artist but also as a person and hopes that one day more than anything she can be able to give back to the community. And also bring a different sound to the hip-hop scene in South Africa.


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