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Opinion: What Kanye fails to understand is that black people have been free thinkers from day one


As a young creative mind, and i am still trying to find my position within this difficult media industry. I must say, people like kanye west do or was giving me hope that one day i will be noticed. I must admit that i strongly look up to kanye West or i use to. We shouldn’t push out the fact that the guy is creative and amazingly intelligent, when it comes to creating something he love. I will respect that forever but i can’t stand and support someone who shames my believes and people who fought for me to be free.

I am disappoint that one of the people i look up too said words like “slavery was a choose”.

I ask myself one question. Was Yeezy promised something he couldn’t resist, that he would make a decision from no where to promote someone like Trump, who hates any group that is not white with all his heart and is not ashame to show it in public?

Only those who know kanye can answer that for me but i am in South Africa, so that question will never be answered. but that’s not my point.

I love my blackness, I love my Africa and I am proud to be a black man.

I will start in my home country and share a man, who was killed because he was a free thinker and never sold out for power or money. Bantu Stephen Biko better known as Steve Biko. He was South African anti-apartheid activist. again, he was a free thinker and gave birth to the well known anti-apartheid campaign ‘The Black Consciousness movement’ during a time when South African was in blood flames.

You know why i believe that Yeezy might be promised some sort of money or power, it’s because of words from the these two African leaders, Malcolm X and Samora Michel. Malcolm X once said: “when we see a black man who is constantly being praised by USA, begin to suspect him” and Samora Michel adds on that: The day you hear whites speaks of me in good terms, from that day, do not share your secrets with  me because that means i would have betrayed you already”.

What Yeezy is not realising is that many young people who believe in him and follow all his ideas will believe that without a white man, we can’t do anything in this world.  People influence each other, Biko was influenced by an American movement that was fighting racism ‘The Power movement’.

Donald Trump said it, that his African- American numbers have doubled because of Kanye, And i know some of white people will ask if that’s wrong, being influenced by a white person. The thing is we want to be free, to leave free, we want to do it in our on terms and not be afraid or apologetic of free thinking.

Biko was killed by old South African government police because he was not willing to limit any of is ideas to accommodate their bloody ideas, something which has been happening around the world, even in America. did Kanye forget that Malcolm X, Martin Luther King were killed because their free thinkers?

In South Africa we have new free thinkers that i think are worth mentioning here, Cassper Nyovest, AKA, Nasty C, Black Coffee, Somizi, Nomzamo Mbatha, Kwesta and Dj Sbu to name a few. These young people have chanced the media industry in South Africa and they have shown young people that, they need to fight for what they believe in. What i like about them is that they understand that not everyone will get the opportunities they have and they need to try to support young South African.

Last year, when Cassper Nyovest was filling up FNB, the only African artist to do so, gave more than 10 young people internship opportunities. AKA is about to release his album and decided to give young creative people a chance to create his album cover art and added four young people in his team.

My point is they didn’t try to bring young people down, Nomzamo visited countries in the North of Africa and donated money and help them were she could, she continues were Mam’ Winnie Mandela left. These people were once helpless but when they held those rands they could get, they didn’t think fashion but they thought of property for their families and companies. Dj Sbu did not think of a home school for his children but the guy made an announcement this week that he will be starting an entrepreneur academy in South Africa. To help young free minds.

We have free thinkers in our black communities, not all of them will be able to start from no were they need help, not a kick on the stomach.

kanye will never change and he believes that what he said is right, to praise a guy that hates his skin, wow, that’s low coming from my hero. I hope kanye understands the power that he has, and doesn’t let it control him. We not free and he knows that. Last year, he saw that black men were forced to slavery in Libya. Question to Yeezy, Who bought those black people? question i will not get an answer for, i am in african.

One thing I have to make clear is that i am one of these people who will stop following Yeezy and will see him as a threat to our community, i see him as the house slave now. The guy you will sell me for a white plate.




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