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Is Babes WoDumo being Abused?


In an interview on the drive with Masechana Ndlovu and MFlava Babes was confronted on the allegations of abuse that she allegedly put up with at the hands of her partner and boss, Mampintsha. In the interview on Metro FM which was broadcasted live, Babes nodded her head as Masechaba claimed that Mampintsha had allegedly punched her in the face and had also broken her leg. Babes was in the studio to promote her new single, Ka Dazz, about the alleged abuse. Masechaba claimed that she had a friend who had taken Babes in when Mampintsha allegedly punched her in the face and broke her leg. The interview was broadcast-ed live and was also streamed live on Babes’s Instagram Stories.

At the start of their interview however, Masechaba and MoFlava had asked her about the rumours that she was pregnant. Babes said she was “free” and she denied the speculation that she was still engaged to Mampintsha and pregnant with his child. She later admitted that Mampintsha has access to her social media accounts and claimed that he posted a picture from March of them together, even though they had split and she is in a relationship with another person at the moment. During an ad break on the show, there is video footage on Babes’s Instagram account that shows Masechaba and MoFlava pleading with Babes to tell the truth. “The Truth is the key. You’ve done nothing wrong. My blood boiling. I hate to see a young women as terrified as you are,” Masechaba told the Wololo hit maker.
TshisaLive understand that Babes has not laid any charges against Mampintsha as of yet, but she is considering her options. Even though the couple has been considered a powerhouse in the entertainment industry, these allegations have shocked Mzansi.


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