A research team at the University of Colorado in the US have developed new app that can spot cyber-bulling.

According to the report by The Economic Times the free Android app is called BullyAlert, the app will alert parents and network authorities when it spots any kind of bad behaviour by other social media users.

The app will learn all signers that parents define as bullying, this is according to the report.

Shivakant Mishra, professor at the University said: “As parents, i know that a lot of times we are not informed about what our children are doing in social media platforms. An app like this that informs us when something problematic is happening is invaluable”

To create this app, researchers asked parents to teach a computer  programme how to separate benign online comments from abusive comments.

After that, they created a system that when uploading new posts on Instagram it will pick it up and make a quick scan, if the post has alarming words, the post will receive further checks. However, if the comments all seem charitable, then the system bumps the post to the bottom of its queue.

The research that is still continuing will also send warning flags within two hours after the post.




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