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Celebrating the fees must fall youth

The new generation protest for free Higher education fee

#FeesMustFall is a student led protest movement that began in mid October 2015, led by the University of Witwatersrand SRC of 2015, Shaera Kalla, in response to an increase in fees at South African universities.The took over the streets to make their voices to be heard just like the youth of 1976 did but the new generation youth demanded free fee higher education.
The fees must fall was an intersection movement within the black community that aimed to bring about a decolonization education,Like Nelson Mandela said “Our children are our greatest treasure.They are our future .Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of our society and weaken our nation.’The New generation fought like the 1976 youth did,just so that a black kid can also have a better life through education because education is a key to fight poverty ,So this youth day the new generation should also be celebrated for their bravery in voicing out their issues s university student.Now in 2018 the is fee higher education because of the new generation.
“To me it was saddening to see our children fighting for our freedom, when we as elders were standing back. Elders were standing on and looking. At that time, I didn’t feel sad. I was saying to myself it is high time that we do something about the situation in this country. But the following day, it hit me hard that it had to be done by children,” Tema said


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