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Marijuana has taken over townships kid

Most kasi kids are users of marijuana

Marijuana has become a culture to the townships kids because most of them start smoking it from early age of primary and it is easy to have access to get it in townships. It has become so normal thing; people do it without fear of being caught, forgetting that marijuana in South Africa is still illegal unless used for medicinal purposes. Most township use it because they get influenced from music videos they view and they see it as a cool thing like they always say because they see adult from the street of the township smoking it.

Most of them don’t know the after effects of smoking Marijuana, in which most of the kids whom smoke marijuana intend to drop out of school and some start to have mental problem. One can ask which type of youth we have. Do they even have a bright future? Some marijuana smokers start to add other sustains in the marijuana because they body has now got used to it, so they want something stronger to bust what they smoke.

Every township kid have their own reasons that lead them to smoking marijuana which are to handle their anxiety, to appear as fearless, hide pain, peer pressure, lose weight and to relax. Some end up being involved in criminal activities in order for them to get money to buy marijuana.while one smoke it ask yourself questions;Where will I end up?whom will see me as a role model?


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