The show broadcast from Mondays – Thursdays on SABC1 at 11am – 12pm

Daily Theta is an exciting daily live television talk show that seeks to inspire and empower South Africans through engaging dialogue. The show represents the unheard voices of South Africans, especially the youth by sharing ideas, opinions and expertise. A place entrusted by South African youth as their ”information Zone” or ”hub”, where they will receive important and relevant information that will positively shape their challenging lives.
The show also uses different media platforms to engage with other youth people and get to know their opinions on a specific topic. The show makes one to gain knowledge and understanding towards issues and it is also educational. The youth get to have a voice because they’re the ones whom face most challenged in the country. The content of the show is good and all South African languages are used on the show.
Daily Thetha is the best show that the youth can watch because the content they produce and one can learn the best out of watching it.


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