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The importance of internship for college or varsity student


Professional experience is a priority to college graduation and other varsity student because most jobs requires experience meanwhile the students or graduates are still fresh from university or colleges and they want to apply their theoretical to practical in order to gain some experience, as the job market becomes more and more competitive, and such training generally occurs through internship opportunities.

One can still in school (college) or has already graduated, is a great way to explore the career his\her interested in through being in an internship programme. The purpose of an internship is to provide real-world experience that enables him\her to put everything she\he has learned into action. The internship program helps student\graduates gain skills that can be applied to future jobs. Internships may be paid or unpaid, and most inters are 6months to 12month. If you are entering a new career, there are many benefits to completing an internship.

According to work chron there 3 ways one can nail his\her internship which are

Test the Waters

You can read books and take tests for years, but applying what you have learned is a whole different ballgame. Completing an internship can help you apply what you studied but now are applying to a real-world setting. Because you’ll be mentored by a seasoned professional during your internship, you can see what the job is like and you can gain insight into what a career in that field entails.

An internship also enables you to see what the work setting looks like, and if it’s a place you can picture spending your career doing. If you’re not sure if a specific career is right for you, an internship can help you figure that out. Likewise, it can also confirm that you’ve picked the right career path.

Gain Needed Experience

Most employers want you to have some experience before they will hire you. If you’ve never held a job, your resume may not appeal to many employers. Having an internship on your resume gives you a chance to gain the needed experience and to build your resume.

Through an internship, you increase your knowledge and skills. Doing that gives you greater confidence and a sense of accomplishment that future employers will be excited to see. While you are completing your internship, you can also increase your communication, organizational and teamwork skills, all of which will come in handy in future positions.

Make Helpful Connections

The purpose of an internship is also to help you make useful connections. The person or people who manage you during your internship may become mentors, who can provide helpful information and who can help guide you during your career. You can use them as references for future jobs, because they have seen you in action and they know your competencies.

You can do one or several internships to explore if a career is right for you. The more internships you do, the more experience, skills, confidence and connections you gain. These can all put you ahead of the curve when entering a job market, whether right out of school or when switching careers.


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