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Social media began as a means of connecting with friends, sharing content quickly, efficiently and in real time however, most people define social media as applications on their phones but the truth is, this type of communication tool started with started with computers. But this misconception comes from the fact that social media users can easily access their tools on their phones. Human beings are inherently social creatures and they need other people to connect with. Social media gives us the platform to connect with people we may never meet in person, yet we are still able to develop strong relationships with them.
Social media gives everyone an equal voice
There is no one who is in control of what anyone publishes on your social profiles, you can write anything and anyone has the chance to view it. Although you as the user have the right to choose what you write on your profile, there are also privacy measures you can take to protect your profile.
Social media can revolutionise business
Business nowadays have the opportunity to communicate with their customers online and on social media networks, this way any kind of business has been given an opportunity to grow their circle and get to know their customers better.
Transparency in Business
The customers are able to know more about the type of business they supporting, see who they’re paying and know more about the owners. However with this much transparency the company needs to be more careful in what they say or do, because everything is now in public and easier for everyone to access.
Social media can also provide access to educational opportunities, people can learn how to do anything from watching ‘how-to’ videos on You-tube to reading articles on-line.
Misinformation and fake News
There is always real or fake news to be found on the internet, people can find fake news laid out to be real news. Inevitably there will always be people looking to gain something on these kind of news and there will be those who will believe anything they read and not look any further into finding out if what they are reading is fake news or real news. Social media can have negative impacts on a wider connection because, it also opens the system up to people who would exploit it to push their own personal agendas. Social media can be considered good or bad depending on how it is used by people and their intensions on joining social media, although this might be the case social media is a good platform to connect with people, share moments, learn new things and make new business.


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