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Bullying is dangerous

“People try to say suicide is the most cowardly act a man could ever commit. I don’t think that’s true at all. What’s cowardly is treating a man so badly that he wants to commit suicide.”

Bullying is very difficult for children or anyone whom is dealing with bullying.It makes one feel afraid and degraded and often it makes a person feel like they are worthless.Bullying makes a person to stop wanting to go out because she/he is scared they might see the person whom is bullying him/her.Many children who are bullied even start asking themselves if they can do anything right to stop them from being bulled,some whom have lower self esteem attempt to try to commit suicide because they feel unwanted and unloved.It isn’t easy for someone whom is facing bullying to speak about it or address it,some kid think if they were to change a school they can over come the bullying.
Bullying have a big impact in someones who’s facing it such as having low self-esteem.having depression, anxiety, feelings of loneliness and isolation,having nightmares feeling wary or suspicious of others and having an increased risk of depression and substance abuse.Bullying doesn’t only happen at school but in most places there can be bullying like workplaces,church and within the society.
Everyone has a right to live and also a right to stand up against bullying as wikihow has outline the 4 way for one to deal with bullying rather than having to look down on yourself and feeling sorry for yourself.Here are those 4 steps to address bullying;
*Walk away. If the situation seems threatening or dangerous, it’s best to get away from the bully. Even if it is not a dangerous situation, remember that you don’t have to listen to someone say mean things to you. The best thing to do might be to calmly walk away from the person.
*Tell someone so the bully will stop. It’s important to report bullying right away so that it will stop.By telling someone that you are being bullied, you will be standing up for yourself and showing the bullies that you will not put up with their abuse.
*Look the bully in the eye and tell him or her to stop. Using direct, assertive communication and body language is the best way to address a bully.If a bully continues to harass you even after you have walked away, then let him or her know that you will not put up with the behavior. Turn and face the bully and tell him or her to stop.
*Stay calm. It is the bully’s goal to get an emotional response out of you, so do your best to keep calm and avoid showing the bully how you feel. Try your best not to show that you are angry, sad, or frightened. The bully may feed off of these emotions and increase his or her efforts.


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