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The use of social media by youth eople


In this modern era everyone is very into social media. Social media has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life.Social media is used for many purposes which are to exchange ideas, feelings, personal information, pictures and videos.Social networking sites is one of the most preferable medium for expressing feelings, thoughts and talents as we could obtain respond immediately from people all over the world.The youth are constantly engaging in cell-phone use throughout the day.

The report found that the youth value social networks as a way of connecting with friends and family, maintaining their networks of friends and long distance connections.The youth see social networking as a comfortable medium for sharing their issues and finding solutions to problems such as social isolation and loneliness.They are also more likely to seek help in areas such as health advice, unknown experiences, and help with exams and study techniques.
These opportunities have a positive impact on adolescent character formation and the development of their individual identity, and helps them toward choosing a career path.These choices are made at an early age and to this end social networks are enriching young people’s lives.Social networks afford the opportunity to find people with similar interests, or to support teamwork in school projects.

How can the youth can cut back on and even lower the risks of using social media? ChildMind.org offers a few suggestions:
Speak directly, as opposed to speaking indirectly, to others and learn how to state beliefs and opinions without fearing or worrying about the response.Don’t be afraid to build friendships offline which can help build direct communication skills i.e. talking face-to-face with another person.Refrain from engaging in online disagreements and try to only post or leave comments that would be said just the same offline.

‘One of the negative effects of social media on the youth is that sexually suggestive or explicit content is prevalent throughout numerous social networking sites. Exposure to sexual content that portrays unrealistic or harmful sexual behaviours and stereotypes can negatively influence the youth who are only just beginning to develop their sexual identities. This can result in them having unreasonable expectations of sexual norms, experiencing difficulty in forming healthy sexual relationships or developing risky sexual behaviors.’according to Robyn Treyvaud


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